Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Less Is Best' by Sage Wilcox

Author/humanitarian Sage Wilcox is a certified energy healer and gains joy in giving advice to her clients, friends, and family on healing, love, and relationships. She has published seven books: THE IMPORTANCE OF DOIG IT, THE 2-HOUR VACATION, GET IT UP, YOU HAD ME A RE:HELLO, UNTIL WE FALL, LOVE LETTERS FORM EXES, and now LESS IS BEST: DECLTTER, ORGNAIZE, & SIMPLIFY TO REACH MINIMALISM. In open, spiritually inclined manner she states, "We can learn so much from each other. Here's to growing & learning, one step at a time. Let's manifest well-being, love, and unity! Let's get passionate!"

In her conversational, warm manner Sage opens by stating, ‘You didn’t pick this book up by accident. If there is something stirring inside of you that is drawing you towards minimalism, then go for it! The key is in the action, though. You can read this book over and over, but if you don’t take action, nothing will happen and you won’t reach your goals. Make a list of your whys right now, and then take action. Remember to be patient with yourself, but not too patient. You want to see progress. You want to see results, and you will! The call to lead a minimalist lifestyle is one that comes from deep within each person. For me, I am grateful that the call came to me when it did. I have noticed that in the last decade the call is becoming more frequent among a larger swath of society, as more of the general population strays further from what is important towards what is profitable. In the process of doing that, we have laid to waste everything from our mind to our planet, and we have silenced whatever remnants of greatness we may have been building up to as a species…Life is actually quite easy; it is the complications of going after things we don’t need, using resources we don’t have, to satisfy the definition of greatness by someone we don’t know that throws a wrench into the entire system.’

Sage outlines her mission to help us find meaning without the excesses of clutter in the following areas – The essential mindset, Clearing out the clutter, Profiling distractions, Simplify, Why more is attractive, Profile of a Minimalist, Lessons form a Minimalist, Less clutter with meditation, All you need in bag, Using discipline to simplify your life, Minimalism success – and 8 testimonies form those who have improved their lives and their spirits through minimalization.

Yes, there are many self-help books on the value and means of Decluttering, but somehow Sage’s presentation tops them all because of her personal commitment and her willingness to share the important aspects of discovering less is bet. Grady Harp, January 18

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