Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Lassoing A Groom' by Jacquie Rogers, Kirsten Lynn, Tracy Garrett, Kristy McCaffrey, Linda Hubalek, and Kathleen Rice Adams


This is a nice collection of western romance stories that include everything from snaring a man to being dragged off a horse by the man who won you in marriage. There’s a sheriff, an outlaw, a bronc rider and an Indian in this collection. Sometimes it’s the man catching the woman; sometimes it’s the woman catching the man!
These ladies know the west. They have their historical references down, make their characters believable and have sweet romances for you to read about. Some of these romances are whirlwind, others take longer. I wasn’t bored a bit reading this.
I particularly enjoyed the first story in the book by Jacque Rogers. It’s titled: Don’t Go Snaring My Heart. She’s a young woman who is trying to survive in a cabin in the wild. Her dad is a miner and looking for silver. She’s selling goat cheese. When her dad dies from being ambushed, she doesn’t leave. She sets snares. When he’s hunting and finds one of her traps, he’s slung in the air and has to negotiate with her to get free. She’s end up with part of his pronghorn. Then she starts selling him goat cheese…
The last story by Kathleen Rice Adams is also special. I think it’s because there’s a spinster in it. Titled: The Worst Outlaw in the West, she manages to barter with a bank robber to stop robbery. She creates a plan that will help the bank and get even with her brother. The problem is that she’s not the only one who has that idea…
These were fun to read and some of them made me laugh outloud. One thing about it, if your marriage began the way these did, you’d have some good tales to tell the grandkids! You did a great job, lady authors.

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