Friday, January 5, 2018

Book Review: 'The Jester Prince' by Voss Foster


Toby must find his Other (soulmate) or be forever alone. This is bad as Toby is immortal, although his Other, Marley, is not.
Marley is the half breed son of King Jester and has been kidnapped by the King. To stop the Jester from taking over the immortals and everything else Toby and the other immortals at the circus must recover Marley.
I found this book slightly confusing at first. It’s the second in the series but seemed to start in the middle of the story with no real explanation of what had happened to Marley and it’s only after the first few chapters I began to understand the reasons behind Toby’s magic training and the relationship between humans and immortals.
I did enjoy the story as I got deeper into it, but parts of it were still confusing. The last few chapters are full of tension and adventure which increased my enjoyment. On the whole it is a good book, but one that I never actually got lost in. Getting lost in a story is my rule of thumb for an excellent.  I think if I’d read book one first, this might have been a different matter.
However, I have to say I’m glad I persevered as it was worth reading once I got into it.

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