Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Book Review: 'It's Never Too Late for Love' by Marsha Casper Cook

Chicago author Marsha Casper Cook is also a screenwriter and radio show personality on Blog Talk Radio discussing writing, publishing and advocating October Breast Cancer Awareness. Her novels include romance, adventure, inspirational books, fiction, non-fiction and children’s stories.

Marsha knows how to build credible characters and prepare her reader with a grounded platform that seems so real that the comedy she is about to launch gives us the comfort to laugh at our own similarities and foibles. We first meet bachelor Noah Myers – ‘Noah glanced over toward his phone, deciding whether he should answer it. It was his mother. If he didn’t answer, she would keep calling until he did. So, rather than wait for seven more calls, he answered. “Hey, right on time. Just about to order a beef sandwich in your honor.” “Frank’s?” she asked. “Is there another place? Who do you miss more, Frank’s or me?” Rosalyn laughed in her hearty way. “Frank’s, of course. Love those beef sandwiches. Wish he’d open in Florida.” “That’s never going to happen. He loves cold weather. Chicago’s the place for him.” “Not for me. I love the sunshine. I don’t miss the bad weather; I just miss you.” “Okay, I know why you called, Mom. It was last night’s date. Am I right?” Rosalyn paused before answering. “Are you mad?” “Nope, I’m not. Should be, but I’m used to it. She’s engaged and getting married in six months. Really, Mom?” “I’m so sorry. I should have come clean. Ruthie Mankowitz was hoping for a miracle. She doesn’t like her granddaughter’s pick, and wanted her to marry a doctor. Who knew?” Noah laughed. “Apparently, she did. Madeline Mankowitz is soon to be wed.” “Okay, no more fix-ups, except for the one on Saturday. Too late to stop the plan. I made a promise, so just do you mom a favor. Just one more.” “Can I take your word on this?” Rosalyn hated to lie to her son, so she changed the subject. “Vera and Essie say hello. And, just for the record, they made me promise no more fix-ups from sunny Florida on their watch. They told me you’ll find someone on you own. Handsome doctors always do.”

Marsha captures the essence of mother/son banter about matchmaking and our main character is adamant, but then Marsha introduces a twist that make this novel sing – ‘Confirmed bachelor Noah Meyers thinks living his life without a partner is just fine and manages to dodge his meddling mother’s repeated attempts to fix him up. When an adorable dog named Gracie finds her way into his life and decides to play matchmaker, Noah finds his carefully constructed world is turned upside down. Will Gracie complete her mission to finally find a fairy tale happy ending for Noah and ultimately help herself find happiness too?’

Gracie quickly becomes the main character of this charmer – a little King Charles spaniel who wants nothing more than to be the perfect matchmaker to find her new owner Noah he right girl. The addition of a little magic and manipulation of circumstances and Voila! A perfect ending to a fine love story (and love on many levels). Another delightful light romance from Marsha Casper Cook. Grady Harp, January 18

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