Sunday, January 21, 2018

Book Review: 'How to Lose a Lord in 10 Days or Less' by Elizabeth Michels


It wasn’t a very auspicious beginning. He’s being chased and jumps his horse over a hedge. He lands on her potter’s wheel and smashes it and his horse falls with an injured leg. The first thing they do is argue.
This is the first book I read by Elizabeth Michels and I’d be happy to read another. She does a very nice job of creating a love/hate relationship as well as describing the ways of the ton. She takes two wounded characters and lets them work at helping the other person.
Andrew was going home until he got attacked by two highway men. He ended up at the feet of Katie, who didn’t want to be bothered. Andrew had been mortified a year ago at a big event and had been recovering from his shame in Scotland. Katie had been thrown by a horse and hobbled around with a cane – mostly so she wouldn’t have to ride again. Since his horse is injured, he was going to put him down. What he didn’t anticipate was Katie’s passionate response to that: She would heal the horse. And, no, she would not sell him another one to continue home, he could just wait.
This is a story of treachery on all sides. The ton had a lot of greedy people amongst them and they not only wanted all that they had but what others had, too. As you try to figure out who is trying to kill Andrew and why, you also find out that Katie’s family is involved. Their relationship was already a mess without factoring that problem in.
The ending is dramatic and fitting. There is no doubt anywhere about who loves whom at the end. There are only new beginnings and sometimes we all need that.
The author snagged me with likeable characters, a good plot, and a concern that things would turn out well. I need not have worried; she finished this up with a perfect ending.

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