Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Book Review: 'Hot Tango' by Sidney Bristol


Tanya has found an emotional family with her Roller Derby teammates. As Hot Tango – her derby alter ego – everything seems simpler, and the fact Tanya’s marriage with Cole is falling into a heap can be forgotten for a short while. Talked into going to a sex shop, Tanya finds Pandora’s Box – a sexy adult game she hopes will get her and Cole communicating better in and out of the bedroom. As a SWAT team leader, Cole has a horrendous 24/7 on call duty, but he loves his wife desperately, and if playing a few naughty games will help them, he’s all for it.
This book moves slowly, but really lingers over the details, showing the reader both Tanya and Cole’s points of view. It’s clear from the outset they love each other dearly, but real life has stopped them from having the story-book marriage and happy ever after they both wished for. Adding a bit of spice into their relationship and communicating better, Tanya and Cole both want to increase their intimacy and enjoy their sexual relationship better. As a reader I did find the pace a little slow, but can’t fault the author for the depth of detail. The story isn’t padded, I didn’t feel as if there was filler everywhere to stretch the tale out, just a slow, meandering pace as Tanya and Cole rediscovered their relationship.
This is a story that revolves around the relationship – and problems – between Tanya and Cole. While there is a small plot interwoven about the Olympics and Cole’s work in SWAT, it’s predominantly about how Tanya and Cole try to revive and save their marriage and sexual relationship. Readers looking for an action packed, fast paced story might not find this suits their taste, but for readers who enjoy relationship-centered storylines should find this pleasing. While I personally found the bondage and experimentation is tame, it’s certainly hot enough to keep the flames burning. There’s plenty of sex here, but more there’s tenderness and sensitivity shown in the reconnection between Tanya and Cole. I also really liked how it wasn’t some quick fix, Tanya buying the game, them experimenting a bit and bam – perfect marriage. While I would have liked the pace of the story faster, once in a while it’s lovely to go slow and smell the roses. Recommended.

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