Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Hot Stuff' by Weston Parker

Author Weston Parker has gathered much of his experiences he generously shares in his Bad Boy books as a firefighter/EMS man. He now travels and writes, at times with his sister, and at times alone, and his books are all the rage with the Chick Lit audience who undoubtedly love the manner in which a man creates the hot steamy erotica that women usually write for this audience. Weston keeps it real with people with whom we can identify readily and he writes with such powerful eroticism that his novel steam from cover to cover. Weston opens his book with a terrifying flight gone wrong and the manner in which his main character Gage handles it gives us a notion of what is to follow.

Before he launches his tale he provides a roadmap of the journey ahead: ‘Construction is easy. Nail here. Saw there. There is nothing easy when it comes to raising a 4 years old daughter though. The love of my life and the one woman that I could spend a Friday night with and not get tired of her. The construction company has taken off, financially, over the past couple of years and made money accessible enough to give my daughter the life that she deserves. I don’t have time for a woman in my life right now other than Ollie, she is all I could ever need. Things changed when my best friend’s father passes away. I wouldn’t miss being there for him for any amount of money. My world has been turned upside down when I run into my best friend’s sister, Lauren. Lauren has grown up in, so many ways and her intelligence is matched by her beauty. I thought that I would spend my life being a single father, but now I can see that I want, no, I need someone like her in my life. The only problem I could have is the question of Ollie feeling the same way about Lauren as I do. I will make sure that both of the women in my life are happy and understand that they are loved.‘

Fine writing style and a story that rings bells of resemblance to real life situation are mixed thoroughly with some well-scribed erotica. Weston Parker knows his trade and the reasons for his popularity are obvious. Recommended. Grady Harp, January 16

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