Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Book Review: 'His Favorite Cowgirl' by Leigh Duncan


The Judd’s and the Thompkin’s had a family feud that had lasted for centuries, but even that was not enough to keep Hank and Kelly apart. As teens they found themselves in one another’s arms, and as adults they tried to resist letting history repeat itself.
It was clear that Hank is a good guy even if he has not always made the best decisions. I have always said sometimes the biggest mistakes are made with the best of intentions and that is certainly true in this case. He has made many mistakes in both is relationship with Kelly as well as his relationship with is daughter Noelle. Good thing he is man enough to recognize these mistakes and try to make them right before it is too late. It made me like is character that much more, as I get to see his flaws as well as his strengths. No man is perfect and it make Hank a bit more real and relatable.
Kelly is a sweet and determined woman who history has not been kind too. She has suffered a lot throughout her life when it comes to relationships. With Hank as well as her family it makes her less than excited to return to the home that almost broke her spirit. Lucky she did return cause she got to have a whole different experience. I think Kelly is a amazing character as she is selfless and continues to do what needs to be done despite her own needs and wants in life. It made me want to see her get a happily ever after whether it be in the city with her high paying job, or on her grandfathers ranch enjoying the hard work and fresh air.
Noelle is a very important part of this story as well. Her character also shows a lot of growth throughout the story. She begins as a spoiled privileged child who prefers her phone to people. Only, you quickly learn this is a defense she has created since the adults in her life have not always looked out for all her needs. Yes she might have the most high tech gadgets and designer clothes but she is missing one essential thing: loving parents. I really thought her character needed special mentioning as many things in the story would not be possible without her, and she really added depth and joy to the story.
This story is not steamy and erotic but has a soft, growing love that you know is meant to be and will last forever. It made me cherish the relationship more and made the plot more warm and fuzzy. Anyone can revisit a physical connection but the emotional and mental bridges crossed in this story will last forever. I would certainly say if you want a nice, warm and touching romance you would want to check out this story and learn all about Circle P and its host of wonderful characters.

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