Friday, January 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Her Mad Hatter' by by Maria Hall


So sad… a young girl who was thought of as crazy because she called for the Mad Hatter and he came to her, if only in a dream. As she grew up, she turned out so very different than what was expected of her.
How exciting! I’d tell potential readers to close their eyes and take a walk in the magical world that Ms Hall created here, but then they wouldn’t be able to read this fantastic storybook retelling of a classic. So I’ll say this; open your mind and travel with Alice to her wonderland, and feel what she does: the excitement, the amazement, even the unbelievable. I found this story so intriguing and emotional. Reading Alice in Wonderland as a child, I never thought of the Hatter as really being mad or sad, but in Her Mad Hatter I could almost feel his sadness and loneliness ooze off the pages.
Hatter, such a soulful, older-than-time man, has been through so much as he’s waited for “The One” that will keep him sane. However, as Alice makes her way to him does the Hatter even care anymore? Is he washing his hands of the whole mate thing and resigned to his fate?
Oh my goodness, there’s this one character, the fairy G Danika, I loved her!! She was so much fun, simply wonderful and I loved her personality. I can’t wait to see how she handles her other “Bad boys”.
This delightful book is the first one in the series. It’s just the right length and the story moved along well without ever getting boring. It gives me a whole new look on old but dear fairy tale. The author had me witnessing some sadness, heartache, passion and eventually, a lot of love. I’d recommend this to anyone that loves fairy tales.

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