Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Happy Baby and Toddler Cookbook' by Jennifer Nicole

Author Jennifer Nicole, a mother of three, has a passion for helping mothers improve their lives. Her published books to date include EASY MINIMALIST LIVING, POTTY TRAINING, BABY SLEEP-BABY HAPPY, some bundles of the above, and now this excellent cookbook – HAPPY BABY AND TODDLER COOKBOOK.

Jennifer enjoys getting personal and sharing with her readers as is evident in the tone of her Introduction – ‘When I wrote my book on Potty Training I had no idea that it would be #1 for nearly two months straight. Even now, many months later my book is still #2 on Amazon. That’s so exciting. I have received emails from many parents and I love all of the fan mail, feedback and support. I really appreciate people who take the time to reach out to me via email, my website or social media. The two most common issues that I hear about from parents are a lack of fun activities for children during potty training and trouble with diet and constipation. I already wrote my first coloring book about potty training to much fan fair. After much research and study I have finally put together the ultimate toddler cookbook. Each of these recipes is quick, easy and gentle on your little one’s body. Included at the end of the book is a seven day plan to get your child feeling like royalty again. I know that being a parent is hard enough without having a child with an upset tummy. That just leads to more fighting and stress in the home.‘

Without any further chatting Jennifer gets down to her recipes, each with a list of ingredients, nutritional information, and directions on how to prepare, topped off by a fine color photograph of the finished product about to happen in your kitchen.
The recipes include foods for throughout the day - Granolin’ Beary Parfait, Boating Barge Breakfast, Pizza Purses, Country Bear Steak and Mashed Taters, Chicks in the grass, Pigs Fly Stir Fry, Pumpkin Dippers, Oatey the Apple, Cucumber stars, Crazy Mac, Rainbow Jell-O Wedges, Chillin’ Chili Dip, Kiddie Kalzone, Chicken and mashed potato surprise, Chicken Ki-Bobs, Mashed Potato Buckets, Teeny Burgers and Ton of Fries, Frozen yogurt surprise, Smiley Waffles, Chicken Crispers and Broccoli Slaw, Cucumber Boats, Quirky Quesadillas, Quickie Banana Bagel, Yammin’ Hot Cakes, and Mushroom Mania.

Quite a spectrum and each is well considered and beautifully presented. A great gift and an indispensible adjunct for baby raising. Grady Harp, December 17

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