Sunday, January 7, 2018

Book Review: 'The Gull Motel' by Amie Denman


Savvy has some great ideas for revitalizing The Gull Motel, but is it too little too late?
Savvy sure has a lot on her plate for a young woman fresh out of college. Not only is she completely in charge of The Gull Motel, but she is also trying to gain acceptance into a training program that would give her access to the finest hotels in the country. However, as Savvy puts more time and effort into sprucing up The Gull, she finds that the old motel and its quirky staff are quickly wiggling their way into her heart. As if that weren’t enough, Savvy unearths a plan that might threaten everything the residents of Barefoot Key hold dear. Can Savvy save The Gull and the community before it’s too late?
Savvy is definitely a woman who works hard and always plays by the rules. She does her absolute best no matter what job she’s been given. Even though Savvy plans on getting into that special training program, she doesn’t treat The Gull as second best. She works hard to make improvements without losing sight of what makes The Gull special. I admire her dedication and integrity.
Savvy and Skip are an interesting couple to watch. They have really good chemistry, but I thought it was a little odd that they never truly addressed their spring break fling. Savvy and Skip have been dancing around their attraction for years, and Ms. Denman provides a few glimpses into their hormone charged past. However, I was left wanting more. Knowing a bit more about their history would have made Savvy and Skip’s romance more compelling.
I must say that the Halloween party and the costumes of the motel staff is my favorite part of the story, especially Savvy’s costume. I won’t spill all the details. However, I will say that I have to give Savvy credit for not only trusting Skip to pick out the costume, but also for actually wearing it to the party. This really showed that Savvy can let go and have some fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously after all.
The mystery surrounding the nefarious plans for Barefoot Key was pretty simple. Even though it was quickly and easily solved, it still served to add just the right amount of tension into this otherwise light and fun romance.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Gull Motel. I had fun watching Savvy balance the challenges of managing a motel and her personal life. Not quite ready to leave summer behind? Pick up a copy of The Gull Motel for an afternoon of pure entertainment.

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