Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Greek God' by Flora Ferrari

Flora Ferrari has written 37 book sin her series A MAN WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS (this is Book 34!) an despite the fact that she offers no biographical data she proves she is a pro - a fact that is easily discovered by read just one of the novellas in this series.

Fiora has a keen sense of setting up character’s psyches before she launches into a story. For example, a scene set to explain the frustration of Jackie – ‘‘So. We’ve been together a long time,’ he started. I let all the problems of the day roll off my back and just prepared myself for biggest moment of my life up until this point. ‘And I’ve enjoyed every second of it.’ And you’re ready to turn these seconds into hours, years, children, and grandchildren after you get down on your knee and ask me to marry you? In a Starbucks no less? The worst part is I would have said yes. But that wasn’t what he had to say at all. Nope! He got a job offer at some tech company in San Francisco and he realized this was his true calling in life… and that he’d been seeing someone down there for the last few years. What? And to add insult to injury he just had to tell me her name was Kyle. Wait…Kyle? That’s sounds like a guy’s name. Because it is. He’d turned gay two years ago without telling me. Or at least he was still ‘figuring it out’ back then. Well now he’s sure and he’s free and aren’t I so excited for him? Uhhh…no! I mean that’s great and all that he found his soul mate or whatever, but why did he drag me along for the last two years? I turned down internships in New York and Boston, a holiday in Whistler that I would be on this very moment, and basically everything else that didn’t pertain to him and our relationship. At least I thought we had a relationship. How wrong I was. And to add insult to injury, again, he told me I was boring. He said that I’m too conservative and never take any risks. Well getting involved with him most certainly was a risk, wasn’t it? And look where that got me.’

But from there we are launched into an erotic love affair romance with plenty of steam. ‘After a bad break-up over the holidays I head to Greece to get away from it all. Once I step off the plane I realize it really is all Greek to me. Especially him. Who’s that Greek God who's an absolute Adonis? He’s staring at me like he wants to cover me in tzatziki sauce and lick it off. And who’s that little goddess who’s holding onto his pinky finger? Like an oracle, he sees I’m lost and extends an olive branch. And immediately this mythical man and his daughter have me philosophizing if this could turn into something much bigger. Like his chest muscles that look like they’re sculpted from marble…or those big blue eyes of his that are as clear as the Aegean Sea. This Spartan single dad has me in unorthodox positions, tossing me around like a Greek salad. But now it’s time to go home and my head is spinning like the windmills on Mykonos. Will this odyssey end up like so many Greek tragedies…or will I become the Aphrodite to this Adonis with our very own big, fat Greek wedding?‘

Terrific timing, well scribed and satisfying at every twist. Nice work, this 34th book of the series! Grady Harp, January 18

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