Friday, January 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Forsaken' by Sarah Ballance


It hooked me from the start! This was a great read, a short but fairly well developed story that I really enjoyed.
This book had such a great opening, probably meant to pull the reader in and that is just what it did for me. Gage and Riley had an interesting backstory. It was young love until disaster struck and she turned away from him. Yet the feelings never went away for either of them. Gage comes running to her rescue the minute Riley is in danger.
The plot had an excellent setup with plenty of drama and a great mystery in this one. Conflict abounded here and the road to their happy ever after wasn’t easy. Someone had a vendetta and was trying to hurt both Riley and Gage. The story took a few turns and had a very twisted villain who took me by complete surprise. It was nice of the author to throw that extra edge in there.
I liked the writing style here because the story was so fast paced and eventful. I definitely liked the mystery and how the secrets kept playing out. I felt that the romance and the mystery were perfectly blended. I liked how easily Gage and Riley reconnected with each other, the second chance at love trope.
There was one thing that didn’t quite add up for me though. Where were the tears for the brother who took the bullet that was meant for Gage? It was barely mentioned despite being a catalyst that just happened. Just a few tears maybe. Still, I could overlook that because I wanted to. I was completely caught up in the romance of how love triumphed over all.
I liked it. It’s a great romantic mystery that I enjoyed a lot, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

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