Saturday, January 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Farmer Wants a Wife' by Shelley Munro


Ms. Munro did the unexpected. I assumed I knew who the story was going to be about but I was wrong. I’m still amazed at the book’s turn but it’s perfect in so many ways.
The premise uses a popular television format to showcase the development of the plot conflict. Reality T.V. shows seem to be all the rage these days and it comes as no surprise that they’d be used to introduce men and women to each other. But what if the person introduced isn’t the one getting the girl or guy but someone in the background? How would that come about? And how would that affect the show?
Good questions, all. I was perfectly ready to accept Nolan as the hero of the story. He seemed ideal – a smug man who enjoyed naughty teasing but who needed to be taken down a peg. That’s my initial impression. What I got was a whole other man with a lot of unexpected baggage that was none of his doing. His problem was that he didn’t fight it hard enough. But, after a certain revelation, he stepped up to the plate in one arena, and in another I believe the author set the hook for her next book. And if so, I’ll read it, if only to see a certain someone get the stick out of her bum. Man, what a witch!
The bridge between the two men is Susan, the heroine. She is looking for love in the right wrong place. Or is it the wrong right place? Honest, that makes a lot more sense after reading the book. Susan is a pleasant surprise. She stands up for herself, even when it hurts. And yes, there is a good solid internal conflict to deal with and it works.
The second man is Tyler. My first impression of him was a scrawny shadow of Nolan. I was happily wrong on that count too. He turns out to be a man who knows his own mind, has learned from his mistakes and is willing to do the right thing for the love of his life even though it causes him pain. His strength of character is impressive. For readers who enjoy the steamier side of romance with the bedroom door flung open wide and the roof ripped off so you get a full view, Farmer Wants a Wife provides further proof that Tyler knows how to make a woman moan, sigh and blast off to the stars, even over the phone.
The scene with Mr. Blue caused quite a bit of mirth. I never knew about the history so Susan’s dialogue at that juncture was delightfully full of spit and vinegar. I enjoyed it when she removed her inner filter and let things fly.
External conflict, being videotaped notwithstanding, comes from another female. She was such a prune and I don’t care how a child came to be in this world, no one should take it out on an innocent kid. So as far as I’m concerned, she’s the villain of the piece.
The relationship between Tyler and Susan was pleasant to watch grow as they navigate falling in love while trying to avoid being caught on camera. The resolving of a few road blocks to complete the happy ever after came across as too perfect, too easy and too fairy tale ending-ish. Even saying that doesn’t detract from the beauty and fun that is at the heart of this novel; it’s still a fun book.
Farmer Wants a Wife is an entertaining, sexy romance and an easy read. This might be the third book in the series but it’s a solid standalone. I say this with assurance because I have not read books one and two. There is no shortage of fun, great dialogue and interesting encounters in this tale. If a reader is tired of books with heavy and dark drama, this novel is a real pick-me-up and is totally delightful. Ms. Munro always delivers great romance.

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