Sunday, January 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Exodus 2022' by Kenneth G. Bennett


Joe Stanton, an Episcopal priest, suffers hallucinations while vacationing on San Juan Island with his girlfriend, screaming the name of a daughter he has never had and causing a huge disturbance. Thus begins an incredible thriller which is nearly impossible to put down. The characters are incredibly strong and I really believed in both Joe and Ella, his girlfriend. They struggle to uncover the truth behind Joe’s hallucinations only to find that the answers reveal an approaching global calamity. As they try to help the source of the hallucinations, they also have to stop a billionaire weapons contractor, an evil man who commands his own army with utter ruthlessness.
The novel is set only eight years in the future and the truths it reveals are, unfortunately, our own truths. The story is fast-paced and has an incredible plot which is both exciting and thought-provoking. Joe and Ella show incredible courage as they make incredibly hard decisions. They are determined to do what they can for the creature who has contacted Joe and then through Joe, Ella, but all the time they are trying to help, they also know that Joe is dying. The magnitude of the other world contact is so severe that it kills and has already killed others who have suffered the same mental breakdown.
Exodus 2022 is much more than a thriller. It does keep its readers on the edge of their seats as the twists and turns in the plot abound. But I also found it to be a story that I can’t get out of my mind. It is a story which can all too quickly become a frightening reality, and it has made me think about how I interact with my world and how I might be able to change so that the reality in this story never happens.
Those who love science fiction and/or mystery thrillers are sure to be captivated by this exciting and thought provoking novel.

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