Monday, January 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Dream Huntress' by Michelle Sharp


Dream Huntress is a suspenseful read that you won’t want to put down.  The biggest reason for that are the very convincing main characters and the chemistry between them. Jordan is written as a feisty, ingenious and independent woman whose dangerous job keeps her busy enough to distract her from her demons. I liked how she feared no one and gave back as good as she got.
Similarly, Tyler is a man who is sure of himself and his male charms but in a fun, down-to-earth way that doesn’t make him seem arrogant. The quick-paced romance between Jordan and Ty made for an enticing, fast read. Jordan’s struggling with her emotions and the need to keep Ty at a distance was completely believable, although perhaps mentioned a few times too many. Bahan, Jordan’s boss, was another intriguing character, well-portrayed and interesting.
The romance part of the novel was far more interesting than the plot with the police chasing the drug dealers. That was too simple since practically nothing happened in that regard until the very end. When Jordan had a vision of the final conflict, she was convinced the other cop in the diner was corrupt even though there was no proof – he might have pointed his gun at Ty because he didn’t know Ty was an undercover cop and he was waving his gun around in a diner. Also, Ty and Jordan kissed way too many times at the Buck’s bar parking lot and it seemed highly unlikely that no one noticed them.
Despite the fairly simple undercover investigation plotline, the novel is compelling because of the relationship between Ty and Jordan. Their relationship repeatedly made them deliriously happy on one page and brokenhearted on the next, and it was complex enough to enthrall me.
The undercover stint is a great background to the hot romance between two cops who can’t fight the attraction between them despite the dangers a relationship entails.

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