Sunday, January 7, 2018

Book Review: 'The Dog Park' by Laura Caldwell


I have a weakness for any book featuring a cute animal so I was immediately hooked on this one. The animal in question is Baxter, a goldendoodle. Baxter’s the fur baby of Jessica and Sebastian, now divorced and sharing joint custody of him.
The story is told in the first person, through Jessica’s viewpoint. She’s an interesting character and things get more interesting for her when Baxter saves a child and the video goes viral. All through the story you have a strong feeling that her relationship with Sebastian isn’t quite over, but then Gavin enters her life. He was a fun character but deep down I kept hoping that maybe, just maybe Sebastian would win the day.
The story is full of twists and turns regarding Gavin, and also Jessica’s past. I won’t give away the last half of the book but let’s just say it had me turning the pages and reading on longer than I intended just to see if this story has a happy ending.
The dialogue is natural sounding and pacing is fast so it’s actually a quick read. I wouldn’t categorize it as a romance per se, but more about couples finding second chances and moving into the second part of their lives with a new perspective type of book.
Most readers won’t have a past like Jessica’s but she dealt with lots of emotions that most of us can relate to and that’s what made this a compelling read.

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