Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Dirty Morals' by Lexi Adams

Author Lexi Adams writes quick, hot and steamy romances! So far she has published two books - THE BILLIONAIRE’S DIRTY VIRGIN and DIRTY MORALS. The writing is certainly directed toward the Chick Lit set and is full of bawdy language and VERY descriptive terms for acts of passion.

She sets us up for the main character (here, minus the profanity for obvious reasons) – ‘I’m exhausted. I know that’s an odd point to jump off on, but hear me out. This is my third week working nights as a cocktail waitress at the hottest bar in town: the Jaybird. The job has its perks, namely the tips I get to bring home every night. One of the more irritating facets is the revealing clothing I’m forced to squeeze into before going to work every night, not to mention the obnoxious customers. That’s almost impossible to tolerate in and of itself. To make matters worse, if at all possible, I’m already pushed to my limits when I come into this hole every night. My day job is much more respectable, from a completely objective standpoint. From nine to five every day, I work as a receptionist in a small veterinary clinic in town. Brookhaven isn’t a particularly large area and I’m fortunate that most acquaintances in my hometown aren’t partial to spending their nights in Downtown Atlanta. Which, of course, is where the Jaybird is located. After getting off work at Brookhaven Veterinary Services, I make the drive downtown, where I’m expected to be ready to work by eight and continue serving until closing time. For the record, closing time happens to be two thirty in the morning. As you may be able to guess from my schedule, I have very little time for myself. It’s all for the greater good, as it were. I say that as sincerely as I can manage; I wouldn’t be working myself ragged if there was no reasoning behind it. My Mom, God love her, got really sick a few months back. Not just sniffling sick, I mean… well, she has breast cancer. It was like the air had been knocked out of me when I found out, but I know I have to keep positive for her.

Then insert the plot – ‘Good girls work hard. Good girls keep their noses clean and don’t do anything that would be considered morally questionable. I’m a good girl… Or at least that’s what I used to think. With my mom sick and health care bills mounting, who has time to do things right anymore? I have to take care of things, and fast. So what if being paid for sex is a bad idea? It’s only once or twice—until Caleb Robertson, with his bright eyes and propensity for saying and doing everything right, books me for the night. Suddenly there’s no longer a right or wrong. There’s just my heart, and it’s about to be broken.’

Steamy growing hotter by the page! Lexi should do well. Grady Harp, November 17
This book is free to borrow on Kindle Unlimited

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