Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Dirty Little Secret' by Ella Sheridan


This story completely captured me from the very beginning and kept my attention until the very end. Cailin has a naughty side that no one but Alex ever got to experience, and once he got a taste, he did not want to give her up. I can honestly say that the relationship between those two was something out of my fantasies.
Alex is everything I want in man: sexy, strong, reliable and knows what he wants in life. Both his strength and reliability makes him endearing but they can also lead to his downfall especially as he puts others ahead of his own happiness. This is evident throughout the story as he continues to keep secrets. The secrets he keeps will not only effect his life, but can destroy others, so he must sacrifice his happiness and possibly Cailin’s to protect those he loves.
Cailin is a sweetheart who deserves the world. I cannot help but feel for her position. She finally left her husband and was looking for a fresh start to only get thrown into more drama. She clearly wants Alex for more than just a quick one night fling but she knows that her lust is misplaced. She may have been a bad girl that one night, but she refuses to be a person who destroys other’s lives for her own personal needs.
This story plot line is intriguing to say the least. Both Alex and Cailin as well as the supporting characters really do have a unique situation on their hands that requires them to be delicate and try to do what is best for everyone. The secrets in this story are so deep and juicy it is a bit difficult to review as I do not want to spoil it for the readers. This story is one I will hold near and dear to my heart and is well worth reading. I fully intend to read it again.

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