Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Delay of Game' by Lane Hart

North Carolina author Lane Hart is a prolific erotica writer with almost forty steamy stories that have a committed following. Lane draws from her background - a Masters in Criminal Justice and having spent ten years working as a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney – to keep her stories gritty. Her range of topics is extensive – from paranormal to her favored martial arts and football players to cops to vampires – and in this book she manages to focus on sports. She is married to fellow author D.B. West.

Lane has a talent for character development, not a trait we often see in erotica writers. She offers a Prologue – a retrospective glance at four years prior to the beginning of her novel in which we encounter Lathan Savage, a professional football player who is insecure about his looks and sexuality and still a virgin. And then in Chapter one we meet Paxton Price, who is dating a married man. (‘I always seem to find myself in these situations with men who are bisexual. They enjoy being with me when it suits them but usually end up going back to women because it’s easier to be heterosexual. No one bats an eye if they take a woman on a date or kiss her in public. I’m usually their dirty little secret, hidden from the rest of the world because they don’t want to deal with the public opinion of two men being together.’) The set up is placed and Lane passes us into the story with her fine summary.

‘Lathan’s mom is dying. The cancer is eating away at her body a little more each day, and the worst part is I know she’s so tired of fighting. She’s starting to surrender to the sickness. That’s why I stupidly blurted out at Thanksgiving that I had met a woman and was engaged. The truth is, there’s no woman in my life and never has been. I just wanted to give my mother something to live for, a few celebrations, an extravagant wedding, the possibility of grandchildren…Now I just need to find a nice girl to pretend to be my fiancĂ©e and walk down the aisle with me in a matter of weeks. Actually, that may be a piece of cake compared to trying to stay away from the one person – Paxton Price -who has managed to ignite something deep inside of me for the first time in my life. Something I can’t ignore or forget no matter how hard I try.’

Lane continues to flesh out palpable characters who are not shallow but instead share their deepest need and insecurities with us, the reader. It is a gift and it makes her romances intoxicatingly satisfactory.

Plenty of sports action and even more of steamy erotica to please the most demanding reader. Lane Hart is fine – just fine! December 17

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