Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Curves for the Sheikh' by Annabelle Winters

Minnesota author Annabelle Winters has a graduate degree in creative writing from Columbia University in New York City, but she has lived in New York, Texas, Wisconsin, and California in addition to her present home in Minnesota. She writes contemporary romance as well as literary fiction and erotica under pseudonyms. Romance novels are her first and truest love, though, and her books feature sheikhs and royals, billionaires and bad boys, outlaws and mobsters . . . and real women with real curves.

Annabelle’s Curves for the Sheikh is such a popular series that returning to Book 1 – CURVES FOR THE SHEIKH – after sampling some of the 9 books of the series is a particular pleasure, seeing where the sizzle began with the concept of Billionaire romances focused on sheikhs and became a best selling series.

The subtitle ‘The Waitress From Wisconsin’ is a perceptive touch, not only because it shares an integral part of the plot but also that it shows the good-natured aspect of Annabelle’s writing style – real, in the present, possible but also a little link with fantasy. For example, the grounded aspect of our main character is touched on by the opening sequence regarding her main character’s background – ‘“Wendy Williams squinted as she looked out through a grease stain that adorned the window of Artie’s Diner. The stain was shaped suspiciously like the pudgy face of the annoying pre-teen who had been darting all over the place, threatening to cause serious accidents involving mozzarella sticks, patty melts, and the diner’s signature sandwich: Artie’s “World Famous Duplex—The WFD,” which was two half-pound burgers, one stuffed with cheddar cheese, the other stuffed with bacon, served with a fried egg, coleslaw, and French fries, all of which were jammed inside the bun. Arturo, the Greek-American owner of Artie’s Diner, came up with the WFD name back in the day when WMDs—Weapons of Mass Destruction—were all over the news. The diner staff, of course, had turned WFD into everything from the sweet “Wisconsin’s Favorite Dish” to the playful “Way to Find Dysentery” to the staff favorite: “Wish I was Dead.”

The unique story is well summarized by the author- ‘How does Wendy Williams get from her waitressing job in smalltown Wisconsin to here: Sheikh Zahain rose to full height as he spoke. “Yes, this will have to be settled out of court. Settled in my Sheikdom of Farrar. It is the only option for you.” “The only option . . .” Wendy said slowly, the words catching in her throat. “So what is this, blackmail? Coercion?” And then TO HERE(!): “You heard me, Wendy,” Sheikh Zahain growled in her ear as Wendy felt his hands slide along her hips and sides, caressing her. “If we are going to have a child, then we had better be sure I get you pregnant, don’t you think?”’

Good story and a hefty dose of erotica make this a winner for lovers of erotic romance novels – with a twist. Grady Harp, January 18
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