Friday, January 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Crave' by Sierra Cartwright


Once again, Ms. Sierra Cartwright builds a story that makes me want to dig deeper.
Crave is a sizzling read. As in all of Ms. Cartwright’s novels, the BDSM scenes and sex are extraordinary, but there is more. The author not only sucked me into the BDSM lifestyle once more, she sucked me into a new world: the world of Sarah and Reece, of luxury and decadence, of heartbreak and love.
The pace of the story is quick (I read it in one sitting) and Cartwright’s style is not complicated but the depth that she gives her characters in Crave goes beyond the pages. Reece and Sarah are far from perfect. As I read the novel, I had mixed feelings toward both of them. On the one hand, I understood Sarah’s fear, but on the other hand, I also had the impression that a lot of the time she was selfish. After all, she ran. She ran without saying goodbye or without giving an explanation and she returned two years later. I repeat, two years later. I seriously thought that was a ridiculously long amount of time for her to realize that she still loved Reece and wanted to try to win him back.
However, I looked past it as did Reece. He was also a complicated character. I have to say, that at first when she came back I had the annoying impression that he only reunited with her because she was now a “perfect” sub. As I read about him and what he demanded (even if unconsciously) I understood why Sarah would run and also why she would come back, for even though I had my doubts about them, their love story still prevailed. Every action, every word, every little thing had an inkling of love that wasn’t overt but was present. There was an undercurrent of emotion between them that denoted not two persons that had just met but two persons that knew each other well from before.
With intriguing secondary characters, Ms. Cartwright has also set the stage for forthcoming novels, which I will certainly read.
All in all, Crave was a wonderful read that will get romantics swooning and BDSM readers hot.

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