Monday, January 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Cowboy's Fake Fiancée' by Piper Sullivan

Piper Sullivan is a prolific writer - 17 books to her credit thus far. She writes romances that involve single dads and virgins, cowboys, military men, sports romances and mafia stories. She covers the gamut and does it well.

Whether or not a reader buys into the erotic story being offered is very dependent on the character development of the involved lovers. Piper manages to create credible characters - some of whom we favor and others beg understanding of principles. But the manner in which she weaves these steamy tales bears her own indelible stamp. For a taste of how she writes, read the following – ‘“Mason Manning are you afraid I might ask to unfettered access to your body?” It was a fantasy of mine but in my fantasy he wanted it to. “Sage,” he said in warning. “What do you want?” I wanted Mason but not as part of some devil’s deal so I went with my other dream. “Land. You have more than you need and I have none. I’d like to rent some of your land for a good deal to open my therapy center. We can work out a deal for your horses.” He was quiet for a long time and I stood because I’ve known Mason my entire life and the man was stubborn. He’d sooner part with his daughter Lily than a plot of M&M land. “How much land are we talking?” I sighed. “I don’t have a specific amount but the land that your great grandfather used to use for goats should be plenty.” “And if it isn’t?” “Then you got the long end of the stick Mason. Why are you being so difficult about this?” “I’m being difficult? I just asked a friend for a favor and you want half my ranch in exchange.”

But the synopsis places the novel in perspective – ‘Mason Manning was the man of my dreams. I wanted him. Needed him from the time I knew what real need was. When he asked me to be his fiancée, I knew this would be my chance. I was a virgin who could finally be with the man of my dreams. But it was fake. I'll pretend he's mine until he walks away...Sage Winchester was my best friend’s kid sister. Only she’s not a kid anymore. She’s all woman with big blue eyes, long shapely legs that look like a dream painted on denim. I want her but I can’t have her. When I needed a fake fiancée she’s the one I ask. It was just a little bit of pretending for a few months. Until a hotel in Houston changed everything between us. Now I can’t get enough of her even though I’ll never fall in love, never marry again. A fake engagement. A fake fiancée. For an entire summer. What could possibly go wrong? Only everything...’

Of course it works – HEA endings are a specialty of Piper. Included in this brief book are sneak peeks are eleven of Piper’s novels. Read the openers and you’ll likely invest in this lady’s arena. Grady Harp, December 17

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