Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Claiming Her Temporary Men' by Grace Ryles


Grace Ryles continues her Grand Oak Springs series with Claiming Her Temporary Men. This book is a scorching hot menage story. I greatly enjoyed it from beginning to end.
As far as the plot goes it was a strong one. It had a great set-up. Chase and Ryder are two brothers who want to settle down with one woman to share. But they’ve been hurt before and aren’t looking to repeat past mistakes. Then into their lives comes sweet submissive Emma and she is exactly the kind of woman they need. They propose a month long fling of sexy times between the three of them. They have an instant attraction so Emma agrees to a no strings fling with the two sexy ranchers. Needless to say that it’s only a game for a little while before deeper feelings are involved for all three lovers. Too bad for them, but good for the reader, there is quite a bit of personal conflict there. A brooding Ryder held onto his reservations about the relationship, while Emma struggled with it on a different level. On the other hand, Chase was more than ready which caused some problems with Ryder. However, the most intense conflict came from the bit of suspense that Ryles threw in for good measure. There you have it ….. Emma is in danger and that’s where things got really interesting.
I will say that the characters had great chemistry. The pages were full of sexy loving that rivalled any I’ve been reading lately. I appreciated that since it’s usually what I’m looking for when picking up a menage story. This one featured some bold BDSM elements. There are plenty of M/F/M scenes, and other treats like anal, spanking and flogging. Still, the bones of the story was the romance part as the relationship turned from instant lust to lasting love.
Another important thing was the strong plot. It was well written, in fact, everything was perfect to me. That includes the lenth of the book, it’s substantial enough, with characters that are fleshed out to let the reader get involved with them and the story. It was fast paced with an easy flow. Lastly, It was an emotional story. I loved these three but they had some serious baggage, and that made the story a more compelling read.
To put it simply, this was a great read for me. I enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one in the series.

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