Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Chasing the Flames' by Cheryl Adnams


Just like the first book about the Muller boys, Chasing the Flames features a hot romance and hot boys, but this one also has some hot flames that need to be doused – quite literally.
Both main characters are familiar from Bet on It, the first book in the series. Despite that, the book can be easily read as a stand alone since the characters and situations are written detailed enough and enough background is given for the reader to be able to understand the intricate relationships. Because the relationship between Trisha and Brian is indeed intricate!
Trisha is a wonderful character. She’s complex, comes from a sad, abusive background, but she’s fought tooth and nails to succeed. People judge her because of her mother’s mistakes and because in a small town gossip is the main hobby. Few people know her real story and what a wonderful woman she is. One of these people is Brian, with whom she’s been in love for almost three decades. Needless to say, he’s blind to her feelings.
He is also the reason why, for me, this book didn’t quite garner five stars. He was a good character and fun to follow throughout the story. What bothered me was his indecision when it came to his ex-wife. It seemed unconvincing because prior to her showing up at the estate, he was very adamant about how he felt about her.
Brian and his brothers were also members of the local Country Fire Service, and I appreciated the author’s descriptions of the bush fire scenes and the CFS’s efforts to contain the fire. It was wonderfully realistic and very descriptive of Australian landscape and climate.
Seth from Bet On It is still my favorite character in the series, however Chasing the Flames was a wonderful romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait to see what Adnams has in store for the youngest brother, Andrew.

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