Saturday, January 20, 2018

Book Review: 'Caution: Filling is Hot' by Tara Mills


I took me a while to get into the story. The first few pages weren’t too promising. I felt Chad’s advances were too ‘stalkerish’, and at the same time Piper’s rejections were too cold and aggressive. However, once Piper relented and decided hanging out with his family was not such a terrible thing after all, their dynamics shifted and their chemistry felt more apparent. Their characters became more pronounced and their motives clearer and more reasonable once their backgrounds were explained.
I was charmed by Chad’s family, both his twins and his mother. They were all a nice comic relief without being stock figures. Apart from that, they also managed to show deeper nuances of Piper’s character through their interactions with her; this was especially true of the children. Piper’s best friend Joy was also indispensable for the story, functioning almost like a catalyst with her constant jibes at Piper, and then ultimately making Piper realize she’s no better than Mick whom she’s blamed for a lot of problems in her life.
The pace of the story was just right, aided by the fact that Chad’s and Piper’s dates were never dull, instead they always involved some unusual activity and fun company. It was thrilling to watch them fighting their emotions, especially when Piper’s resistance and Chad’s misinterpretation of a situation led to a critical point in the story that was fraught with angst. It took Piper a long time to recognize her feelings, but her development seemed believable.
Caution: Filling is Hot is both a story of love at first sight and a story about stubborn denial. It’s a story about passion and devotion. It’s also a story about healing and overcoming tragic loss and grief.

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