Monday, January 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Cara O’Shea’s Return' by Mackenzie Crowne


Since she was in school, Cara has known exactly what she wanted when she grew up: Michael Finnegan. This is the spicy rendition of her getting to know him in more than his capacity as a football player and it’s just as sweaty as a ball game!
Michael is famous, sexy and talented but more than a little insecure with a failed marriage behind him. This is refreshing in a romance as the man is not completely stable and confident all the time. Cara is the one in these pages who knows what she wants and doesn’t waiver, even if she is a little bad at expressing herself.
However, the reason for Michael’s reluctance to commit, beyond his failed marriage, is unclear. He often seems stone-headedly stubborn and I did wish there was deeper reason for this reluctance to have a relationship extending beyond one-night-stands. I also felt that Cara’s humiliating experience at school which caused her to move away from her home town as soon as she could needed more to the dramatisation in order for the depth of her embarrassment and her resulting reactions to be more realistic.
Despite these small faults, the sex scenes had me sweltering and heady and the chemistry between these two very intelligent characters is steamy as a fogged up car in winter. This is not just a honeymoon romance but a meeting of two like souls who fit each other well mentally and physically, as a real romance should.

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