Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Review: 'By Force' by Sara Hubbard


Isame doesn’t want to stay in the village and marry the man her parents have chosen for her. She wants her freedom to travel, see other lands, and find her own love. But she has no choice…
Stories about the fae always draw me in but the arranged marriage theme also does. It’s hard enough to stay married to someone when you love them, who wants to be given in marriage to someone you don’t even know? Ms. Hubbard has a smooth writing style that draws you into the story and she gives you tidbits of information as you go along.
You know Isame is different because she heals quickly, too quickly to be human. However, she certainly didn’t expect to get kidnapped by the King’s Warriors. She’s going to get to see different lands and travel great distances but it won’t be as a free woman.
She tries to gain sympathy from her captors by telling them about her life. She gets mostly silence but she keeps trying. Eventually, one of them talks to her and tells her a little about their lives. As they keep travelling the relationship between them begins to change and they start to become friends instead of fiends. There is a bad apple in the bunch, though.
You can tell from what’s said and what’s not that the King wants her for nefarious purposes. The Warriors are not really comfortable with that. If that’s not enough danger in her life, the bad Warrior has been killed for attacking her, but he returns. The reason he returns has to do with her and he’s coming after her.
There’s plenty of excitement while the Warriors and Isame try to find the gypsy woman who wouldn’t share her fortune with her, the bad Warrior is after her, and the King is beginning to wonder why it’s taking them so long to get home.
The ending is magnificent and totally unexpected. This is the first in a new series so you know there will be more to come and I, for one, am glad to see that. There’s a romance blooming and I’m hoping it will be a happy ever after for both of them. Ms. Hubbard has me hooked.

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