Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Burn For Me' by J.H. Croix

Maine author J.H. Croix makes her home in a small town and from that quiet farmland atmosphere she gives reign to writing her sexy contemporary romance and steamy paranormal shifter romance with strong independent women and rugged alpha men who aren't afraid to show some emotion. And she quickly adds that her love for quirky small-towns and the characters that inhabit them shines through in her writing.

That Croix understands the lingo of firefighter talk and outlook is obvious in her Into the Fire series as she introduces the male star of this romance - “Amelia’s face had gone white and then dark with fury. I never got another chance to talk to her. Nothing ever happened with Shannon, but Amelia iced me out of her life. The whole situation was made worse by the fact I’d been about to leave Willow Brook, Alaska for a year a week later. Not enough time to make things right. The emotional upheaval hadn’t helped me think clearly. I’d left Willow Brook for my planned year with a hotshot firefighting crew in California and mostly stayed away ever since. I’d returned to Willow Brook a few times to visit my family, but I’d never seen Amelia. At first, it was because I was angry. She’d shut me out so completely. By the time I got around to thinking maybe I should try to at least make some peace, she was dating Earl Osborne by then. I’d bitterly accepted it was probably best to let it go. No sense in stirring up the past. I was in Anchorage now because I was taking care of a few errands before driving to Willow Brook tomorrow. I’d accepted a job as a foreman on a hotshot crew based out of Willow Brook. I was finally moving home because nowhere else felt like it for me. I’d hoped I was over Amelia, but one look at her and she gutted me.’

The chapters are divided equally between the male (Cade) and female (Amelia) characters and as is her style Croix delivers a tasty summary of the action to get us into her fine little book: ‘One alpha man. One bossy woman. A fire that won't die. I messed up. Once upon a time, Amelia was my everything. Until she wasn't. I'm home now, and I want her back. She's never forgiven me for something I didn't even do. I've never forgiven her for believing the worst. One look and the years apart go up in smoke. The minute I lay eyes on Amelia, I'm ready for her. Again. That smart mouth and curvy body is all I ever wanted. This time, I'll have her and she'll have me. Every inch of me. This is my second chance. I won't back down. She'll be mine. For good this time.’

The firefighter scene and steamy erotica are here and very well delivered. And this is Book 1….what a series she’s started! Grady Harp, December 17

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