Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Review: 'The Broken' by Shelley Coriell


No matter what genre you enjoy, romance, mystery or suspense, I think you’ll find something to enjoy in The Broken. The opening chapter drew me in, threw me off course a little too, but we’re quickly introduced to Kate Johnson, the serial killer’s only surviving victim, and Smokey Joe, a blind Vietnam war veteran who was actually my favorite character in the book. Both his and Kate’s survival seemed bound together and when you cheered for one you cheered for the other.
As much as she’s been able to, Kate’s run away from the horror and begun a new life as Smokey’s minder, but like all good stories there has to be conflict, and in The Broken that’s in the form of the discovery of another woman killed by The Butcher, the serial killer who attacked Kate. Also, into Kate’s world walks FBI Agent Hayden Reed, who has issues of his own.
Kate thinks her brother is the killer but as the story unfolds, you along with Kate realize all is not what it seems. Bodies start turning up and also body parts, and there are lots of twists and turns that keep you reading. While the identity of the true killer wasn’t a sure thing, I had a pretty good idea who it was and was intrigued to see if I was right.
And there’s the relationship between Kate and Hayden. Both come to it with huge issues but you feel that they’re right for another and the only person who can heal each other’s wounds.
All the secondary characters were fun too. The pacing is fast and towards the end you find yourself just wanting to finish reading the story to figure out if your inclinations were right.
I’m not sure if the author is intending to write more about Kate and Hayden and yes, of course Smokey Joe, but I’d like to see where their next adventure takes them.

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