Sunday, January 14, 2018

Book Review: 'Broken' by Erin M. Leaf


Sky is living on her own, on an Earth that is hard to imagine being real and yet it, for her, it’s very real. All of a sudden she isn’t alone anymore and she’s not sure how she feels about that, much less what she’s going to do about it.
See, men are very smart, especially Xyran warriors. They know how to get the girl all hot and bothered and then ask the important questions. I don’t mind saying the writing in this short story is sexy and had me reaching for a fan as well.
At first, Sky is all too eager to give her acceptance and worry about the repercussions later. I just adored Sky. She had spunk and brains. There was some humor in this one when the men went all he-man alpha male to impress Sky and it had the opposite affect. Seriously, it didn’t go over big with Sky. But they know what she hasn’t accepted…yet. On a world where women are coming up missing and telling the good guy from the bad isn’t as easy as it might seem, Sky will have to be careful. On that same note though, Sky isn’t helpless. Not even close. Did I mention the spunk? This girl is fierce!
The heroes weren’t hard to read about either. Alien warriors, alpha male to a fault and they share. The chemistry is heavy between Jaxt and Zoen. They’re bonded and I could feel their connection in the looks and touches.
There was a nice hot scene with a knife. I loved it!! A few other scenes were just as hot and well written. My next book in the science fiction world will be Proposition, the 3rd book in this series. I hope she chooses to really go deeper into the characters and the whole back story of Earth’s demise over the next book or so. This one was fast paced, almost too fast in areas that glossed over opportunity to insert details. Still, it was a good read in that it kept the story progressing from the first book and had me yearning for more. So, yes and yes, I’d recommend it and I enjoyed it. Props to you Ms. Leaf.

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