Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Bought' by Charlotte Byrd

Author Charlotte Byrd has published thirty-six novels and some bundle editions to date. Her obvious passion is for troubled alpha males and the strong women who love them.

Charlotte sets the scene for this strange story as she closes chapter one, Amelia speaking – ‘The reason I’m moving is that I’m getting evicted. I’m not getting evicted because I haven’t paid the rent, though little does the landlord know that I can’t really pay the rent next month anyway. No, I’m getting evicted along with the rest of the building because the landlord is selling the place to a developer to make into luxury condos. This area of Philadelphia is undergoing a boom and everyone who owns any property is trying to cash in. What they’re doing is basically converting old, dilapidated buildings where people paid seven to nine hundred dollars a month into fancy condos that they can charge like twenty-five hundred dollars or more for. It works out great for those who already have money to invest, but not so much for me and other people in this building. Still, I think I’m lucky. The landlord offered me three thousand dollars to move and after getting fired and maxing out my credit cards, this is pretty much all the money I have to my name. Oh, yeah, I got fired two weeks ago. As if things weren’t bad enough already, the couple who owned the coffee shop where I started out as a barista and was made manager two years ago, got divorced. They sold it to a chain who are closing it for five months for renovations. They said they’d consider me for a position once they start hiring again, but I can’t very well stick around here for that long just in hopes of getting a job.’ And in this intro she addresses some significant current critical social problems.

The story flows as follows – ‘The forbidden auction...I (Jamie) come into her life like a tornado. Amelia was just fired and evicted. She doesn’t have any family or friends to turn to for help. The only bargaining chip she has is her maidenhood. I’m rich, powerful and gorgeous. I want her - and not just physically - and I’m willing to pay a lot. But not everything is what it seems. Is our love real or just all some sort of sick game?’

In addition to this rather short novelette Charlotte gifts us with other bonus books – AUCTIONED TO HIM, INDEBTED BOOKS 1 AND 2, KISS BUT DON’T TELL, and CLIMAX. Lots of action and social commentary blended with serious erotica. This is a solid Chick Lit novelette with five bonus books to boot! Grady Harp, December 17
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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