Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Review: 'As Good As Gold' by Heidi Wessman Kneale


The choice:  Loneliness or rob a rich man? Daywen thinks there is no choice. Theft is the only way to go.
She robs the rich man who has entered town so she can pay the gypsy in the woods for the Enchanted Faerie. The gold is cursed but Daywen is unaware of this.
This is a lovely story, short but with everything included. Love, magic and internal questioning by Daywen and Bel MacEuros, the man the Enchanted Faerie chooses for her. Neither wishes to fall in love with the other, and their anger rises as Bel tries to retrieve his money and Daywen tries to stop him taking the Faerie.
I enjoyed the book, well written and with well rounded characters. Bel is the strong male hero, Daywen the seemingly docile young woman who is desperate enough to do anything. The gypsy is not your typical old crone, more a herbal woman who likes to help. Bel’s mother is really lovely and talks sense to her son.
I enjoyed spending an hour with this story. It caught my interest and held me right to the end. Good book.

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