Thursday, January 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Alpha Mine' by Aline Hunter


I really did love this one! Aline Hunter takes things to the next level with Alpha Mine, the fourth book in her outstanding Alpha and Omega Series. I am completely hooked on this series, even more so now with some of the intriguing directions the author took in this book.
This is not a stand alone book, but rather, it is a continuation of several long time arcs while beginning some new ones as well. All the while Hunter continues spinning an intricate web of sub-plots involving important characters in the series. The future storylines will feature an outstanding cast of characters, epic love affairs, and very nasty villains. The Shepherds are still in the picture, along with a new contender as more powerful enemies are brought to light.
This book further explores Trey and Sadie’s relationship. Trey, our alpha bad ass shifter, has to realize that Sadie, who is pretty darn bad ass herself, can take care of business. Ava and Diskant are still in the thick of things. Some big things happen in the situation with Nathan and Leigh, while the story takes an even more stunning turn with Aldon Frost. Let me just say that this book will reveal secrets that are integral to the series arc. So this one is definitely not to be missed!
As for the writing style, it was excellent. It flowed easily, with a fast pace and sub-plots that were seamless. Now for the juicy bits. As expected, Trey and Sadie find time to indulge in lots of scorching hot sex. It is graphically detailed with Trey remaining as possessive and bad ass as ever, dirty talker and all that.
So I guess it is obvious how much I truly enjoyed this book. I liked the various sub-plots and how all my favorite characters are still involved in everything. I really can’t wait to see what’s next.

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