Sunday, January 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Accepting the Alpha' by J.J. Black


Accepting the Alpha is a great shifter story.  It has some great characters and an interesting premise. With suspense and a bit of angst, I found myself completely enthralled with Eli Steele and Kellan Reeves. They are both strong male characters and I loved that they found each other and were willing to work through all the issues that popped up.
Kellan is the kind of Alpha, any pack of shifters would be proud to call their leader, he’s strong, compassionate and willing to do anything for his pack and then man he loves.
Eli is a Beta, which means he’s a protector of his pack. So when he finds himself without a pack, he goes a bit crazy, and even though he’s straight he finds himself insanely attracted to Kellan. I don’t always enjoy “gay for you” stories, but JJ Black does a fabulous job of making this trope work for this story.
I highly recommend this story, because it’s an interesting new world and I’m hoping the start to a new series. I really want to read more books in this world from this author.

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