Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Book Review: '69 Shades of Nashville' by Nicole Kelly

Just when we are sure we’ve seen it all – given the private visuals and commentary of social media on Internet and smart phones and television channels that do not shy away from full nudity and rasty language – along comes an author with courage who places into words those thoughts that at one time were off limits. The result? One of the more sensual, contemporary, insightful, hilarious and erotic books that tells it all – and has a ready audience (if closeted a bit) to take advantage of a new era.

Tennessee author Nicole Kelly, M.D. is the nom de plume of an established Nashville physician who had first hand experience dealing with the manipulations of a sociopath. She writes with authority and wit about the adulterous adventures of NashvilleKitty on a cheaters' dating site resulting in murder and suspense. Written from her home in Nashville, Tennessee, these fictional tales expose the saucy, secret sex lives of her Southern aristocratic neighbors, amidst a society proclaiming religious fidelity. If while reading this book, you recognize someone you know-please be assured, it is merely a coincidence.

Nicole introduces lead character NashvilleKitty – ‘In high school, I provided anyone eager to give me oral pleasure the opportunity. What did I have to lose? This philosophy led to all sorts of quickie adventures in dirty school bathrooms, broom closets, and trash-filled cars. Beneath the bleachers, with their wonderful acoustics, was another favorite location…I was a happily married, twenty-eight-year-old professional woman with a beautiful house filled with designer furniture, a cherry red BMW convertible, and an adorable, very expensive, white Bull Terrier. My job in healthcare was about perception. I was a part- time nurse at several nursing homes and did some insurance billing for a physicians’ group on the side… Don’t get me wrong. I have an awesome life with my doting husband. He pays my bills, does my laundry, buys my groceries, cooks most of my meals, and appropriately worships me in every way. We’ve been best friends since middle school. Back then everyone thought he was gay. Maybe he was. Maybe he is. Who cares? I was the popular girl with plenty of boys following me around, even then, eager to be my puppies. Hubby was the only one I could talk to about these worshipping canines. He was a great listener. Sometimes the best I can hope for from neurotypicals is that they just keep their mouths shut. That way, I don’t have to be constantly reminded of how moronic they are… if I didn’t act on my desires, my house wouldn’t be such a happy place.’

Enough of the delicious quotes, 69 SHADES OF NASHVILLE: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style takes on a topic of the infinite possibilities of sexual variations as presented by a true sociopath who, after a disappointing jaunt with Neighborhood Cry Baby, enhances her life by going online at Aubrey Madeline URL as NashvilleKitty where she selects from the hundreds of men who respond to her ad with a series of challenging encounters - ChainReaction, ItalianStallion, GeorgiaBulldog, LandscapeLover, AlphaPassion, MrAverageJoe37069, TenSin, SugarDaddy – and with each male cohort we learn more about the outer limits of acting out in a manner that is stimulating as well as hilarious Yes, there are some dark spots like the opening 911 call after a death by sex toys to offer variety, but overall this is a book brimming with classy writing about topics few of us even discuss in private.

Perhaps Nicole Kelly, MD will hide behind her moniker for her reputation in the healthcare field, but it is just possible that with the publication of this unique (and beautifully fully illustrated!) book that she will rise like a mermaid to bask in the applause of avid followers who are bound to respond to this terrific book. Grady Harp, December 17

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