Sunday, December 31, 2017

'SFRB on Sunday': America's elite have a pedophilia problem. Joachim Hagopian explains the roots of this rot.

Story by Joseph Ford Cotto

Over the last few months, accounts of sexual abuse by powerful figures in our society have rocked American artistic, journalistic, and political life. There is a form of abuse more horrific than anything which found mainstream attention, though. Joachim Hagopian recently wrote a book -- 'Pedophilia and Empire' -- about it. He shares his grisly findings on this week's episode of 'The San Francisco Review of Books on Sunday.' (For reference purposes, the following links are to the book 'Pedophilia & Empire' by Joachim Hagopian and the fundraising page mentioned by Robert David Steele in a related previous interview: [1] [2]

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