Friday, December 1, 2017

Commentary: Trump supports Roy Moore, so should serious conservatives

As late as this past weekend [Nov. 25-26] nearly all the on-air “experts,” including several prominent pundits on Fox News, were heralding the “latest polls which show that Moore is eight points behind Democrat Doug Jones.”  It was, chimed in several of them, “curtains for the judge.” And it looked like—according to these “highly-informed” talking heads—that President Trump planned to stay out of the contest, although lingering questions continued as to whether he would actually say something. To listen to Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard or any of the other anti-Moore shills for the Neoconservative “party line,” if he knew what was good for him, “Trump should stay out of it.”

Well, then President Trump did say something, and he strongly endorsed Moore and said that the election of liberal Democrat Jones would be a disaster for his agenda. His press representative Sarah Huckabee Sanders added that, given the time frame and schedule, the president would not campaign in Alabama, but, nevertheless, the message was loud and clear…and you could hear the fist-pounding and hair-pulling in the Republican antechambers of the United States Senate and the sneering and sputtering groans in the offices of National Review, The Weekly Standard, and other Neocon “swamp” organs.
And then the most recent polls indicated that despite the claims of earlier major pollsters, Judge Moore was actually ahead, and by around six to eight points. Of course, as the 2016 presidential election proved to those with eyes to see—although to watch and hear the Mainstream Media (including Fox’s pollsters) you wouldn’t know it—polling the grass roots and the “deplorables” is notoriously inaccurate. Last year I used my scientific “yard sign” method as a better way to indicate the enthusiasm levels for the candidates: in driving to Charlotte from my home (about 140 miles) I counted sixty-two Trump yard signs and just two for Hillary. Of course, that included largely rural areas. But, nevertheless, the message was clear: there was genuine enthusiasm for Donald Trump in North Carolina—placing a yard sign is a real, physical indication that you intend to vote.
The endorsement by President Trump and the results of the most recent polling in Alabama—even with the polling questions so skewed as to give Doug Jones a leg up—have caused panic in the smoke filled rooms, cocktail parlors and Neocon executive offices at the American Enterprise Institute and Ethics and Public Policy Center. The prospect that Moore will make the cut and end up in the Senate is just one more sign that the grass roots are restive and that the former docility that characterized them may be falling away.  
There is a battle going on within the Republican Party, and it is between those who actually wish to see the Trump agenda implemented and those who wish, for dear life, to hold on to their power and elevated positions in the Establishment...and their close relationship to and within the Deep State. In some ways, this battle is still below the surface, yet it is bubbling up even on the state level. The cobra-like reaction of paragons of GOP elitism and globalism like George W. Bush and Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker and their bitter, if indirect, assault on the president, is just one manifestation of this fundamental conflict.
The latest desperate ploy by the Republican establishment is to launch a write in campaign for the December 12 election with a retired military man, Lee Busby. It’s a last minute effort, but it follows rumors and speculation that were hatched even before Judge Moore won the GOP primary. Since Moore boldly and defiantly declared his attention to shake things up and “dry up the swamp,” naming names (e.g. Senators McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and others), he had to be—must be—stopped, even if it meant enabling a leftist, but “safe,” Democrat, to slip into office in the “reddest” state in the union.
But just as the Washington-GOP “swamp creatures from the black lagoon” have fired this latest shot at Moore, additional bad news for the Establishment bubbled up from the grimy depths: Gloria Allred, the unhinged fanatical feminist lawyer who has been selling Judge Moore’s chief accuser—the one with the most juicy “details”—has again refused to turn that infamous and controversial Yearbook, the one Moore is supposed to have signed, over for independent third-party analysis. Nope! At least not before the election, not until all the campaign mileage can be gotten from it. This, of course, is standard Allred operational procedure.
Which only confirms the severe doubts and credible suspicions that probably a majority of Alabama voters now have about the bizarre case against Moore.
But, now that serious discrepancies appear with the Yearbook evidence and Allred refuses to have it examined, let us ask, where is Mitt Romney, who when this whole fetid business got going, issued his famous dictum: “Believe the women, they are ‘credible,’ no further proof needed”? Where is that “credibility” now? Indeed, Mitt’s “credibility” is securely dumped in “file 13”—where he and his role in American politics should have been sent years ago.
To add context and develop this theme, let me link to four items. First, a news article on the establishment GOP’s “bright idea” of a write-in candidate, a last gasp to “take out” Judge Moore and insure that the Republican bog of the Deep State can remain undisturbed.
These political cretins are like Richard Wagner’s dragon, Fafnir, in his musical drama Siegfried based on Norse mythology. In possession of the “golden ring” of ultimate power, they respond: “Ich lieg’ und besitz’”—“I keep what I’ve got, let me slumber on!” Or, you risk a fiery response.
Then there is another link to an article on Gloria Allred’s patently obstructionist tactics; this is her modus operandi from years back…but don’t you find it surprising that so many of those Fox pundits simply ignore that history?  They would rather, like the impetuous Neocon Marc Thiessen, switch the subject to, say, his unhinged desire to go bomb North Korea. (Thiessen would do better if he removed himself to France to advise the Socialist globalist, Emmanuel Macron, with whom he was so enamored during the past French presidential election!)
Another item investigates whether the Senate could actually expel Moore if he were elected. It’s not likely under law and Senate rules.
And, lastly, there is a fine column by Pat Buchanan, and Pat focuses this election within a larger political framework and just how significant December 12 may be in the effort to overthrow the swamp creatures. In short, traditional conservatives and grass roots deplorables should be sending their checks, both small and large, to the Moore campaign right now.

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