Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Book Review: 'Wystan' by Allison Merritt


A search for safe shelter has brought them to a town filled with otherworldly creatures.
Rhia Duke arrived in an almost non-existent town looking to apply for the schoolteacher’s position that was advertised.
Upon arriving with her younger sister, Sylvia, and friend, Beryl who is sick, Rhia finds out there is no job for her there. But due to the weakened state of her friend she, along with her small entourage, is given permission to stay in town. During that time she uncovers a legacy about demons, second chances, love and death.
Wystan the eldest of the three brothers is absolutely against the new arrivals staying. However, in time he falls in love with Rhia. The romance and passion that is between them is a wonder. Their relationship developed. By the end I could see their love for each other and their strength. Except, will they have a Happily Ever After?
The Heckmasters intrigued me from the start and it was well worth the time fantasizing about what their story is.
I expected demons to star in this but not the other creatures. But it was pleasant and nice. I really wanted to know more about these creatures. Not a full biography but, enough to understand them.
There are three Heckmasters in this story. The eldest Wystan, then Eban, last but not least, is Tell. There was one other female Heckmaster, Sabrina. But what happened to her will be explained in this book.
Wystan, as the eldest, wants to save the town. There are questions that still remain. I think these answers will come with Eban and Tell’s stories. I was hooked with Wystan’s story and how it ended. So, I am very much going to read the other books.
I believe The Heckmasters series is going to be a hit with paranormal loving readers.

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