Thursday, December 21, 2017

Book Review: 'Witches’ Waves' by Teresa Noelle Roberts


Meaghan knows she’s dying, but she won’t let an innocent child die if she can save her. I loved reading a story with a blind heroine and I felt for her as prepared to die sooner to save the child. I immediately fell in love Kyle when he rescued her, even though I admit I had a bit of a learning curve about Otterkin and what all that meant. I think the author does a decent job handling it for any readers like me, who pick up the fourth book in a series and try it out.
He takes her to his former lover Declan Donovan, a witch that is uniquely suited to help Meaghan learn her new water magic, but he also needs Kyle and Meaghan to reassure him that he won’t blow up the world in the process.
There is a lot of action as they race to keep the child safe from the Agency, and while I’m sure reading the past books would have helped with the confusion I felt about a few things Agency related, I was still able to follow along and get swept up in the action.
This is a relationship where they all love each other equally and the scenes between just Kyle and Declan were equally as hot as when all three of them came together. I really enjoyed their relationship and while it took a bit of a backseat to the action, it was still very sexy and enjoyable.

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