Friday, December 1, 2017

Book Review: 'Wild Nights' by Karen Erickson

Natalie wasn’t a one-night-stand kind of gal. But with both her friends otherwise occupied, and hell, they were in Vegas, she decides that spending a few hours with a hot guy is practically mandatory. Deciding to give it a whirl, Natalie is shocked literally speechless when she meets Noah Wilde. The rockstar with the tattoos, leather vest and growly voice. He’s everything she never expected but, for one night in Vegas, Natalie is determined. With Noah by her side and in her bed, she knows she’s in for one seriously wilde night.
WILDThis is a gloriously fun “one night in Vegas” style story. I really enjoyed both Natalie and Noah’s characters and found myself drawn in to them both almost immediately. I was a little nervous when I found out how inexperienced Natalie was – all too often “almost virgin” heroines turn annoying and clich├ęd to my mind – but Ms Erickson did an amazing job with Natalie. I felt she was really well balanced and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the delectable night of passion she shared with Noah.
While the plot itself stuck to the fairly routine formula of a girl’s weekend getting disbanded for hot, sexy flings in Vegas, I enjoyed Natalie and Noah’s characters and interactions enough that I could look past the fact there were no real surprises here for me. I love Vegas stories though, and have to admit this fun read will be just as good upon second – or even third – reading, which is always a positive thing for any book in my mind.
A fun frolic of a story with interesting characters I found myself engaged in. While there shouldn’t be any surprises in the storyline itself, I’d recommend this for any readers wanting a bit of heat and spice in their romance and looking for a fun way to pass the weekend.

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