Thursday, December 7, 2017

Book Review: 'A Wicked Truth' by Joyce Proell

Looking for an interesting historical mystery with a side of sweet romance? This is definitely the book for you.
I’ve not read the other books in this series, but didn’t have trouble following the story. I do think I would have had a much richer experience if had already been acquainted with these characters, but I still very much enjoyed what I read.
Cady and Doyle are a deeply devoted couple, engaged when we meet them and obviously utterly smitten with one another. However, secrets surface and problems arise that affect their relationship so all is not roses and sweetness.
There is a very light inspirational tone to this story, but nothing terribly overt or preachy, meaning I think this would appeal to all who enjoy the historical romance/mystery genre. And, honestly, it was quite refreshing to read a book that was all about the story and less about how many ways can we get the couple into bed.
The mystery is about white slavery of a sort, and a prostitution ring. The villains are horrible and my heart broke for the first victim we meet, right at the start. The author’s voice and ability is clear and descriptive, and I felt as if I was right in the room with her. My hands ached to help her and it definitely set up the story in a strong manner.
There were a few places where the story is a bit draggy. After that incredibly intense prologue, we meet Cady and Doyle and while it was wonderful to see them and, of course, we readers need the introduction, it rather put the brakes on the forward movement. The first chapter or two were a bit slow, but once the investigation really started, things got moving again and it was all about turning pages to see what happens.
The author has a rich appreciation for the time and her voice is clear and interesting. She is very good at putting the reader right into the story as opposed to “telling” it, and while this was the first of her books I’ve read, it likely won’t be the last.
Again, fans of historical mysteries with a taste of romance should enjoy this book immensely. Definitely recommended!

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