Sunday, December 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Vault of Sin: A Shot of Sin' by Eden Summers


A guilty secret that would make their life happy or miserable.
Leo, along with his two best friends, owns a very private sex club. When they are in need of a replacement bartender for the club; Leo’s partners suggest the bar manager upstairs.  Leo introduces her to the new and completely different scene in the club all the while readying himself for losing one more woman in his life because of this.
I was very much into the book from the start. It captured my attention with all the fun characters. Each character was so different but was an important part in the story as a whole. I loved Shay but at some point her attitude put me off and confused me. Leo was not the only one with an ego in this. Every now and then I would see Shay attitude come out. Men usually fawned and smothered her so I guess it is inevitable that you develop an ego.
That being said this story went smoothly and I truly enjoyed it.
This is not a low key BDSM book. It’s based around a sex club but it is not a hardcore BDSM book either. There was a lot of voyeurism and exhibitionism in it as well as a restraining scene and white hot passion that could burn.
A Shot of Sin is perfect for the erotic lovers who like their sassy, stubborn women but also likes to see hints of BDSM without it overpowering the story.

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