Monday, December 11, 2017

Book Review: 'Tremain’s True Love' by Grace Burrowes


Once again, Grace Burrowes delivers a captivating story set in a memorable time in England. The characters engage the reader immediately and intrigue every step of the way to a happy-ever-after that seemed impossible for a time. Ms. Burrowes’ beautiful writing, with a flavor all its own, makes this story, like her many other novels, a joy to read.
Tremaine St. Michaels, a wealthy man of commerce, uses his French title and Scottish heritage only when they serve him well, At Belle Maison, where he arrives to do business with Nichols Haddonfield, Earl of Bellefonte, he has no need of either. What he needs is all his business acumen to maneuver his way through the maze of the young Earl’s family—four single sisters and one brother. Tremaine has come to bargain for a herd of fine Merion sheep, but he soon finds himself “a person-of-interest” for more than a possible buyer of sheep.
The undercurrents of subtle humor, manipulation, loving family squabbling, and deep- seated convictions about responsibility keep Tremain’s True Love vibrating with life. The love between a man and a woman adds sizzle, as well as a fair share of anxiety, to the story as it unfolds. A, seemingly, irresolvable conflict of values about responsibility threatens to consign Lady Nita to spinsterhood and a broken-heart. How this gets untangled makes page-turning reading.
Lady Nita, the oldest of the four sisters, is a healer like her deceased mother had been. Nita managed the Belle Maison for many years after the death of her mother and tended her father during his last days. She continued to manage the household for her brother until he married. Since his marriage, Lady Nita’s energy is used on tending the sick who cannot afford the inept Dr. Horton in the village. She drives the Earl to his wits end at times. She is a strong-willed, intelligent woman, who puts herself in danger of contracting contagious diseases, as she refuses none who ask for her help.
Every character in Tremain’s True Love is attention-keeping. Each has his or her own story, making this reader hope Grace Burrowes brings each of their stories to life in still-to-come books.
This one is a keeper to enjoy more than once.

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