Saturday, December 9, 2017

Book Review: 'Too Hard to Handle' by Julie Ann Walker


Spicy, revealing love scenes heat the blood. Action sends the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping. Breath-holding suspense grips the reader as the bullets fly. Mystery about Penni’s original mission keeps one turning pages. And “testosterone-itis” that only the guys in Black Knights, Inc handle so well makes one’s ears sting and brings a smile or giggle at times. Too Hard to Handle holds the reader’s attention as it races along with danger lurking around every corner, but with an ending that is not to be missed. Much as I want to I’m not telling.
Penni DePaul goes from New York to Chicago to Colombia, South America to find Dan “The Man” Cunnington. They worked together a few months back in Malaysia. Before she has a chance to talk with Dan, the case Dan, Dagan Zoelner, and CIA’s Chelsea Duvall are working on heats up and Penni is pulled into the fray—big time.
Chelsea, a pint size wrecking ball that could make a garbage bag look good with her curvy body, is an intelligence expert with a drone and connections. She and Dagan Zoelner strike sparks off each other at every turn, but when it’s time to fight the enemy, they make a team with single-minded purpose.
Bad guys abound. Winterfield is the man they want, and they want him alive. George Wodehouse, a man with quite a back story, wants Winterfield dead, because that is what SPIDER wants. How the good guys out maneuver bad guys is a touch and go process that just keeps on and on. It does get scary!
If you’ve read previous Black Knight, Inc novels, you will get to catch up with characters like Becky, Ozzie, Rock, Frank Knight (Boss), and the others. If you haven’t read previous ones, this one is a super good place to get to know some compelling, dedicated characters that are clandestine movers and shakers for the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Julie Ann Walker makes G. K. Chesterton’s saying, “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him” come to life in a way that engages all the reader’s senses to create a memorable story. The title still makes me smile—Julie Ann Walker does have a way with words!

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