Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Book Review: 'Time Slip Lover' by H.C. Brown


Ever since Zack Daniels lad his eyes on the picture of the portrait of Alexander he could think of nothing else. Thoughts and dreams of Alexander rule his life. Zack is constantly distracted with thoughts of the long dead man. A chance meeting with another man bidding on the portrait gives Zack much more to think about. Curiosity takes Zack into the wine cellar where his life will change forever but will it be for the better or will he regret his choices?
This intriguing tale pulled me in right from the start. I enjoyed meeting Zack and Alexander. Zack is a good man and goes after what he wants. When his trip to the wine cellar takes him much farther than he would ever think Zack takes it as well as one can. He makes the best of his situation and is determined to find a way home. Alexander may come off as a bit shy and reserved but he is a smart man who is more than ready to face whatever fate has thrown his way. The two make a great couple. As hot as the two are together we still see the love that the two have for each other. I enjoyed watching their attraction grow into so much more.
Zack and Alexander’s story is a fast paced read full of emotions and adventure. Not even time itself will stop these two men from their love or could it be time itself that is helping these two? All we know for sure is that their love runs deep and it will not be denied.

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