Saturday, December 30, 2017

Book Review: 'Through His Eyes' by Deborah Camp


I really loved the premise of this story! I’m a huge sucker for psychic detectives, so I grabbed this immediately and couldn’t wait to dive in.
I liked our main characters well enough as the book progressed, though they weren’t easy to like right off the bat. Trudy seemed a little uptight at first. She has a lot of responsibility and reasons to be the way she is, so it made sense the more I got to know her and she really dislikes Levi from the get go. Levi was your typical alpha male: arrogant, so hot women from miles around wanted to rip of their clothes for him, confident and occasionally irritating but in a manner that mostly came across as charming.
The mystery was decent, though I did figure out the villain who was creepy enough to be satisfying in this type of book. Along with loving psychic detectives, I adore creepy serial killers in my books. This one fits the bill and then some, and I loved being able to climb instead his crazy head via his connection with Trudy.
The only real draw back for me was the constant sex. From the start the characters are thinking about sex, talking about sex or having sex constantly. I have no issue with sex in books, but in a romantic suspense, the romance and suspense should be more evenly balanced, and here the sex frequently completely smothered the mystery. I wouldn’t call this erotic romance as the sex is all pretty kink-free (the descriptions don’t lack, though, and there’s plenty of dirty talk), so if you’re a fan of sweeter romance, this won’t be for you.
Also, be prepared–this is book one of a series, and this book does not wrap up the relationship between Trudy and Levi. Good thing there’s another book in the series!
All in all, though, I really did enjoy the book. Had the sex been a little less plentiful and the mystery given a little more page time, the rating for this book would have been higher.

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