Friday, December 1, 2017

Book Review: 'Texas Rebels: Quincy' by Linda Warren

Jenny couldn’t believe it. Paxton was engaged and getting married and it wasn’t to her! When she goes over and asks Quincy about it, he asks her to not come the engagement party they will be having at the family ranch. Then she’s mad at Quincy, too.
QUINCYThis is a big family of Texas men who work at ranching. Quincy specializes in paint horses and Jenny has always spent time working on them with him. After all, their farms are next door to each other. He’s tried telling her that Paxton will never settle down. He’s a rodeo competitor and he likes travelling and the women he finds while on the road. Jenny dated Paxton in high school, used him for support when her mother died, and she thinks he’s her soul mate. It’s a dose of cold water to find out he doesn’t feel the same way.
This story is smooth and roots through the issue of a broken heart and trying to make a new beginning. The author shows a good insight at family relationships and romantic rebounds.
Jenny suddenly finds that Quincy is more than just a good friend. But she’s afraid she’s just rebounding. Quincy is afraid maybe she still loves Paxton. Somebody needed to take them in for a good sit down talk about life. The family tried but we all know how that goes. When Jenny almost loses her dad, it shakes her up. It also shows her who stands by her.
Paxton comes back. This was the best part of the book to me. It’s where everyone finally has to grow up. This is a sweet cowboy romance with a big magic thrown in. It’s a good read.

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