Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Book Review: 'Texas Mail Order Bride' by Linda Broday


Grit and heart, this book has it all.
I’m new to the writings of Linda Broday, but I’m glad I took the leap and tried this book. Her writing flows well and kept me entertained throughout. I wanted to know more and really felt like I was in Battle Creek, Texas with these characters.
Delta Dandridge is a complex character. She’s running from a rough past and fully ready to put that past behind her. I liked that she wasn’t wallowing in pity. She had grit and took on life. That was important because I wanted to root for her. I wasn’t wild about the idea of becoming a mail order bride, but that practice was acceptable back in the day. That was her way out and when that didn’t work so well, I liked that she didn’t hide. She went forward for what she wanted. You go girl!
Cooper came off a little rough, too, but once his hard shell was pierced, I saw a pretty nifty guy. I liked that he was wounded, too. He had some issues and thought he couldn’t get past them. He was the kind of guy I could enjoy and wanted to see him and Delta get that HEA. He’s troubled and sometimes lets that get him down, but underneath he’s the right man for Delta and I couldn’t get enough of them together.
There are a few subplots to the story. I won’t divulge much, but there is a lot going on and it’s all tied together, so don’t put this book down.
If you want a book that’s heavy on heart, hardship and overcoming that hardship, then this might be the book for you.

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