Sunday, December 3, 2017

Book Review: 'Taxes and Tardis' by N.R. Walker

A working man meets a geeky accountant, and they fall head over heels for each other. But… are they too different to be together?
TARDISIn a word, I loved this book. Despite the novella length, all the characters felt fleshed out and three-dimensional, including the side characters. Brent is the first-person protagonist, a blue-collar worker, smart and strong and a bit of a player in the sense that he fucks guys and then moves on. But he’s sweet and amiable. Nonetheless, he has no head for accounts. Enter Logan, an English-born, small and pale accountant who wears glasses ’cause he’s blind as a bat without them and who loves Doctor Who. Though he appears somewhat feminine, or cute to be exact, he knows what he wants, and that’s Brent, despite Logan wondering why a big jock type would be interested in a nerdy little guy.
Of the side characters, Brent’s roommate Tim is great, the typical straight hot guy who takes home two girls at once, but who manages to be an awesome friend (even though his sense of humor is sometimes a bit more direct than is polite). His involvement in the story is important, and he comes off as a nice guy who loves having a good time.
The plot offers no surprises. Two different types of guys meet and feel an attraction, get together for some hot loving, and then try to make their relationship work. There are the usual plot twists: A great best bud, a horribly mean bud, a snooty sister, prejudices and misunderstandings leading to a relationship crisis, and then a wonderful happy ending. So, basically nothing new under the sun.
And yet I felt like I was reading romance for the first time, falling in love with two great guys and watching with a happy sigh as they in turn fell in love. The strengths of the story are in the strong characters that you sympathize with and perhaps secretly envy a little, and in the dialogue that’s realistic, witty, and funny. The writing flows with ease and the pace is just right, balanced between delicious dialogue, meeting friends and family, and sweet sensual and sexual scenes.
Overall, I highly recommend this sweet erotic romance to everyone who likes their endings happy without being inundated with too much sugary sweetness, and to those who appreciate realistic characters falling for one another and making things work despite their own insecurities or meddling meanies.

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